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Rana el Kaliouby - Co-Founder & CEO  - Affectiva



Rana el Kaliouby is a scientist, innovator and entrepreneur. As Affectiva's co-founder and CEO, she is on a mission to bring artificial emotional intelligence to our digital world, creating a new paradigm of data & interactions that will improve how people interact with technology and each other. Emotion AI is the next frontier of artificial intelligence, with commercial applications in several industries.  She is responsible for the vision and translating that into an executable strategy that drives emotion recognition to ubiquity.  She is Chief Evangelist for the Emotion AI space, a term that we coined at Affectiva. We've raised $25M+ capital from top-tier investors and non-dilutive funding.

She leads the company’s Emotion AI team, applying machine learning, deep learning and data science to mine the world’s largest emotion repository to understand people's feelings and behaviors.  A demonstrated track record of translating science innovations into products that have huge markets. 

As one of the few women leading an AI tech company, she is very passionate about women in tech. 
Previously, as a Research Scientist at MIT Media Lab, she built emotion technology with a focus on autism.


Twitter: @kaliouby


Facebook: @Affectiva



Rob May - Founder & CEO - Talla



Rob May develops Talla’s AI-powered knowledge base to bring business teams into the future of automation and insights. The Talla platform uses machine learning to surface relevant information in the right context, and keeps regularly changing information up-to-date.

I love solving complex problems and am particularly fascinated by two topics.  1. How Things Get Valued  2. How the Brain Works.  I think economies and brains are both fascinating complex systems. I'm really interested in almost anything that even loosely relates to economics, brains, and computers. In particular, I like Machine Intelligence, and Brain-Machine interfaces.   He co-founded Backupify, the world's first cloud to cloud backup company, raised $22M in venture capital, and had a successful exit to Datto. Now I run Talla, which is focused on building bots for knowledge workers using machine learning and natural language processing.


Twitter: @tallainc


LinkedIn: Talla


Facebook: @TallaInc



Nicholas Napp - Co-Founder - XMark Labs



Nicholas Napp Co-Founded Xmark Labs, which is a technology development and consulting company focused on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Our team has a strong history of innovation in gaming, entertainment and technology development, including early adoption of VR as an animation production tool in the 1990’s.

Founded in 2014, the Xmark team has created hardware and software for a wide range of consumer, enterprise and government markets. Our team members have previously delivered projects for Apple, Dell, Hasbro, HTC, Intel, Lego, Microsoft, multiple divisions of Sony and many others.


Twitter: @nicholasnapp


LinkedIn: Nicholas Napp


LinkedIn: XMark Labs