AI in Healthcare



Sue Schade - Principal - StarBridge Advisors



Sue Schade is a nationally recognized health IT leader and Principal at StarBridge Advisors providing consulting, coaching and interim management. Recently served as interim Chief Information Officer at Stony Brook Medicine on Long Island. Prior to starting StarBridge Advisors with colleagues David Muntz and Russ Rudish, was a founding advisor at Next Wave Health Advisors. In 2016, served as interim Chief Information Officer at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio. Previous CIO roles include University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.


Twitter: @sgschade


LinkedIn: @Sue Scahde



Carsten Eickhoff - Assistant Professor - Brown University



Carsten Eickhoff leads the AI Lab at Brown’s Center for Biomedical Informatics, where we specialize in developing clinical decision support techniques on the basis of massive-scale biomedical data.



Louis Palmisciano - Operations/Clinical INTELLIGENCE Lead - Lifespan



Louis Palmisciano leads Lifespan's Pharmacy Business Operations & Clinical Intelligence team, which supports the pharmacy practice through value-centric adaptations of technology.  Louis is a leader, developer and analyst.  Louis' current focus is adapting machine learning architecture to allow for the rapid development of powerful decision support.


Instagram: @lifespanHealth


Facebook: @LifespanHealth