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Tino Chow - Founder & CEO - Giant Shoulders



Tino Chow founded Giant Shoulders because he believes that creativity and collaboration can disrupt the status quo for the better. He believes that creating things together is never a straight-line process: it twists and turns, shapes and changes, frustrates and inspires, but the synergy of collaboration multiplies productivity in a way that far surpasses what each of us can do alone. Tino spent a large part of his career building creative cultures and leading collaborative teams at agencies in New York and startups in Silicon Valley.

Before design, Tino served as an officer in the Singapore military. He then attended Rhode Island School of Design, where he co-founded a conference called Better World by Design, and went on to be selected as a TED Fellow. Tino also rode across the country on a bicycle for affordable housing, and occasionally you’ll find him speaking at conferences and schools.


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